Solution-Focused Therapy for Trauma

A client of Susan Delia sits on her patio, contemplating solution-focused brief therapy

While seeking trauma counseling near you may be overwhelming at first, it’s a decision to be proud of and a process that takes time. You may be unsure where to start or what to expect, but the right clinician will guide you through it one step at a time. In solution-focused brief therapy for trauma…

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Where Gratitude Fits in Trauma Treatment

Image of hands adjusting a festive thanksgiving table setting with a notecard that reads "Thank You." This image is a decorative representation of the theme of this blog, "Is being grateful while you’re healing possible?"

The holiday season can be tough for people experiencing loss, grief, trauma, and other mental and behavioral health challenges. But healing is possible. Being grateful while you’re healing is possible, too.

For individuals in need of trauma therapy in Yakima, Washington, learn more about Susan Delia Counseling Services and the mental health support offered by a compassionate licensed clinician. With professional guidance and care, you can learn how to broaden your perspective of life and see new, hopeful possibilities for your future. Through solution-focused brief therapy, you can identify and implement practical steps to turn these possibilities into a healthier, more comfortable reality.

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