You’re Not Alone if You Don’t Like New Years Resolutions

Susan Delia's notebook with the title "New Year Resolutions"

Goals are a great way to challenge yourself, track your progress and follow your dreams. However, when everyone around you is talking about a “new year, new me,” you may feel pressured to make goals for the start of the year (or guilty if you’ve already let them slip). While harnessing the beginning of a…

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Benefits of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Image representing an in-person counseling session in Yakima, Washington.

If you find yourself constantly experiencing mental, emotional, or behavioral health crises and unable to attain the better days you long for, you may benefit from solution-focused brief therapy. This form of psychotherapy is more positive in theory, requiring you to recognize and use your inner strength and resilience to do away with unhelpful behaviors…

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